LANCET HEALTH SERVICES PLC (LHS) is a visionary hospital made up of 24 prominent and well renowned specialists and sub-specialists who came together to form this extraordinary medical and surgical center. Lancet was officially established on September 2019. The founders of Lancet had their fingerprints in many aspects of the Ethiopian health system, more importantly, in training medical doctors and specialists in various disciplines and specialties. The founders of Lancet are still actively participating in the advancement of the health system of Ethiopia. Most of the members had the opportunity to get trained in highly specialized centers in Europe, North America and Asia. They had several opportunities to compare the standard of care differences in health care facilities of developed nations and developing countries and they have recognized huge difference.
They have also recognized the gap between health care demand and health care supply in Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular. This unmet need of health care services together with low quality of available care in all facilities in Ethiopia and the rest of Africa was the reason that brought the members together for one goal: establishing quality, affordable and accessible health care services in Ethiopia, and that was the point of discussion for nearly a year.

The idea of private quality and affordable specialized health service started to get more attention by the majority and Lancet Health Services PLC was conceived. The name ''LANCET'' is known to the medical community since 1823.

Lancet was established using one third initial capital contributed from member share holders and two third of the capital from long term loan secured from the Bank.
Lancet health services PLC aims mainly to address limitations observed both at public and private sectors in Ethiopia.

The limitations in public sectors, especially teaching institutions that we have observed are mainly limited medical supplies and unreliable and very small financial support despite very ambitious and wider range of specialty services. On the other hand, the private sector, though has relatively reliable financial supply, is very limited in scope and specialty.
For this reason, those who can afford to pay prefer to visit Hospitals in the middle east and Asia for procedures that could have been safely done in Ethiopia if there was a facility with wider range of specialists and sub specialists.
The founders of LANCET agreed to bring together the wide range of specialty, sub-specialty, skill and experience from the public and teaching institutions in to the private practice and satisfy the quality and affordable health service need of the people. We strongly believe that this model will address the limitations that we have witnessed in the public and private Hospitals in Ethiopia.

It aims to provide all the services under one roof. The members of the company are already recognized practitioners both in the public and private sector. What the company did was bring them together under one institution so that Ethiopia will have one model health care facility owned by the specialists of all specialty. There will be no more institution to institution referral to see expert on specific field or to get opinion. We strongly believe that this model will encourage health professionals in Ethiopia and introduce group practice, that is well established and efficient model in the other part of the world.
We expect LANCET Health Services PLC to be a bench mark for quality and affordable health care in Ethiopia. This will revolutionize health system in Ethiopia and will pave the way to make Ethiopia one of the preferred health care destinations in the region.
In the near future, LANCET will get involved in training health professionals and will establish quality private medical school. As majority of the members have years of teaching experience in public medical schools, it will be a very important asset for the company to provide affordable and quality medical education in the country and contribute on the quality of medical education in Ethiopia.