Lancet Health Services

Lancet Health Services PLC. was established on September 2019. The founders of this company have spear-headed significant endeavors in many aspects of the Ethiopian health system, including and not limited to, training medical doctors and specialists in various disciplines and specialties. The founders are still actively participating in the advancement of the health system of Ethiopia. Most of the members had the opportunity to receive training at highly specialized centers in Europe, North America, and Asia. They had several opportunities to compare the standard of care in different health care facilities of developed and developing countries. They recognized the disparity between health care demand and supply in Africa, Ethiopia in particular. This unmet need of health care services together with low quality of available care in all facilities in Ethiopia was the reason that brought the members together for one goal; establishing quality, affordable, accessible, and specialized health care services in Ethiopia. This is when Lancet Health Services PLC. was conceived.

The founders of LANCET agreed to bring together the wide range of specialty, subspecialty, skill and experience from the public and teaching institutions in to the private practice to satisfy the need for quality and affordable health service. We strongly believe that this model will address the limitations that we have witnessed in the public and private hospitals in Ethiopia. We aim to provide specialty services under one roof. The members of the company are already recognized practitioners both in the public and private sector. The company has brought them together under one institution to provide Ethiopia with a one model health facility. It eliminates the need for institution to institution referral to receive expert opinion. We strongly believe that this model will encourage and introduce health professionals in Ethiopia on group practice, which is well established and efficient model in the other parts of the world.

We strive to make Lancet Health Services a bench mark for quality and affordable health care in Ethiopia. This will revolutionize the health system in Ethiopia and will pave the way to make Ethiopia one of the preferred health care destinations in the East African and Sub-saharan region.

In the near future, Lancet will begin training health professionals and will establish private medical school. As majority of the members have years of teaching experience in public medical schools, it will be a very important asset to provide a major contribution to the quality of medical education in Ethiopia.

  • Twenty-four specialist and subspecialists who are owners of the center. As owner they are fully responsible for all the services rendered at the center and as health professionals they are highly qualified, experienced and skilled.
  • A facility at the center of Addis Ababa, accessible for for most clients.
  • High security area parking lots.
  • Capacious waiting area, organized and trained reception that makes you feel at home. Our client supporters guide you during your stay in our hospital.
  • High standard Cafeteria and restaurant ready to serve you.
  • Well equipped high end emergency room with monitors and other important amenities for emergency.
  • Ten Out-patient Clinics, equipped with the required diagnostic equipment. Endoscopy in GI clinic, - Nerve conduction tests in Neurology clinic - ECG, Stress tests available in cardiovascular OPDs, and - Ultrasound guided procedures in Radiology OPD.

  • Day care and inpatient chemotherapy services in the Medical oncology and Hemato oncology clinics.
  • 24 high quality medical beds, of which 5 are private rooms, 10 semi-private (two patients in one room and 9 second class rooms (three patients in one room) )of which 5 are pediatric beds.
  • 24 high quality Surgical beds with 5 private rooms, 10 semiprivate (two patients in one room and 9 second class rooms (three patients in one room)) of which 5 are pediatric beds.
  • A well-equipped and high standard three operation table which supports multiple subspecialty surgeries mentioned above.
  • Well-equipped 5 bedded Post-operative recovery ward adjacent to the operation theatre.
  • Well organized radiologic diagnostic unit with digital X-ray, ultrasound with vascular Doppler and cardiac echo, high quality imaging CT scan.
  • Well organized modern diagnostic laboratory. Our laboratory works in collaboration with other local and JCI accredited International laboratories from abroad. Our laboratory has histopathology wing where high quality cytology, histopathology and immunohistochemistry is done.
  • We satisfy customer need!
  • We really care for your health!
  • Higher quality service!
  • Reasonable price!

LANCET Health Services PLC is working towards making quality and affordable health care accessible to the majority who needs the service.
Our clients’ satisfaction is our profit.
Members of LANCET are working to show that quality can be made affordable and accessible.
We do our best to deliver all services under one roof.
Well organized administrative and support staffs of LANCET uses IT to facilitate patient care
Training qualified health care professionals is part of creating quality health institutions.
LANCET Health Services PLC aims at creating client centered health system in Ethiopia. We work hard to create dependable highly specialized health institution in the region that addresses the health need of people living in Africa.
We aim at establishing high standard medical school and Specialty training programs for Africa.
LANCET Health will be center for advanced research in Africa and the region so that we will deliver solutions for our problems.
Members of LANCET give priority for quality care for their clients. That is why they strive to make quality health care affordable for the majority people. Professionalism, integrity, excellence, trust and quality services are our core values.