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Ambulance and Emergency Department


Our Emergency Service starts with quality Ambulance Service. Standard ambulance service is available 24/7. Our ambulances are equipped with basic and advanced life support facilities. Our ambulance crew are trained in BLS and ALS. Our ambulances are safe to transport critical patients and patients who need assisted ventilation. Basic laboratory tests like RBS are routinely checked in the ambulance. Reliable communication system between the ambulance crew and our ER team helps to provide continuous care starting from the scene all the way until the patient is admitted through our ER.

Our ER is equipped with all resuscitation equipment starting from the triage area. Triage is made by trained emergency nurses and patient initial evaluation is made by emergency physicians. Basic laboratory tests are done in the ER while the patient is being treated. The ER has al the necessary supplies at the mini pharmacy in the ER.
Our trauma team is alert 24/7 for ER call and accept calls and get ready while the patient is at the scene and while being transported by an ambulance. Cardiology consultations and alert can be made while the patient is being transported by an ambulance.

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