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Department of Internal medicine


Advanced internal medicine super specialized inpatient management including:
Cardiology: Including compete cardiac examination, Holter evaluation, Echo and Doppler studies and Interventional CAT lab services for both cardiac and non-cardiac elective and emergency services.

Gastto-enterology and Hepatology: is led by an experienced sub-specialist and it provides the following services:
- Out patient and in patient evaluation and management of patients with esophageal, gastric , intestinal , colonic and peri-anal diseases: including care of patients with swallowing disorders , dyspepsia, and altered bowel habit.
-Screening , surveillance and management of gastrointestinal cancers like colorectal cancer in consultation with a dedicated team of gastrointestinal surgeons and oncologists.
- Out patient and in patient care to patients with , liver ,pancreatic and biliary disorders : including workup and management of viral hepatitis, comprehensive care to patients with chronic liver diseases , screening surveillance and management of liver cancer, and workup and management of pancreatic diseases.
- State of the art diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic and colonoscopic services ( including diagnostic procedures, management of gastrointestinal bleeding, polypectomy, esophageal dilation, foreign body removal , polypectomy ,ERCP e.t.c ) by a dedicated team of gastroenterologists , endoscopy nurses, and anesthetist.
Neurology: Our unit is dedicated to provide a comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services for both adult and pediatric patients with neurological and psychiatric disorders.
Our consultant neurologists are experts in epilepsy, stroke and cerebrovascular disorders, movement disorders, dementia and cognitive disorders, multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating disorders, autoimmune neurology, neuro-oncology, sleep disorders, pediatric neurology, speech pathology, neuromuscular and peripheral nerve disorders, advanced neurophysiology tests (NCS/EMG, EP, EEG and autonomic studies), headache and pain medicine with effective interventional therapy.
All of our services are integrated with a rehabilitation unit that provides physical, speech and occupational therapies crafted for individual patient to restore better health and improve functional outcomes.

Endocrine: Advanced endocrinology services with all hormone analysis and therapeutic services, diabetic care including care of complications like diabetic foot care, retinopathy and nephropathy. Thyroid dysfunction is diagnosed and treated with care.

Pulmonology: High end pulmonology care with endo-bronchial biopsy and lavage with bronchoscopy and bronchoscopy therapies, critical lung care and ventilator support. All kinds of lung and respiratory tract pathologies are taken care of by our trained pulmonologists.

Nephrology: Advanced nephrology services including pre and post transplant kidney care, dialysis, complete services including fistula and catheter insertions.

Infectious disease: Infectious diseases of parasitic, viral and bacteria origin are diagnosed by the team of ID experts and microbiology- virology team. We provide care for people living with HIV, for those with Tuberculosis, etc.

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