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Emergency and Casualty Department


Emergency and. Casualty Department high end super specialty care at emergency and critical care in both trauma and non-trauma emergencies.

Medical department


Advanced emergency Client care – care of sick and injured and restoration of health


Cardiology unit


including compete cardiac examination, holter evaluation, Echo and Doppler studies and Interventional CAT lab services for both cardiac and non-cardiac elective and emergency services

Hematology department


working as a team high end advanced hematology, rheumatology services will be provided by the counties most experienced team of hematologists in a dedicated outpatient, day care as well as inpatient treatments

Department of Internal medicine


Includes nerve conduction tests, MRI and EEG examination with all aspects of rehabilitation treatment including physiotherapy and speech therapy

Medical oncology department


working as a team high end advanced hematology, rheumatology services will be provided by the counties most experienced team of hematologists in a dedicated outpatient, day care as well as inpatient treatments

Gastroenterology unit


advanced GI care with diagnostic and therapeutic Endoscopic both UGI and LGI pathologies including ERCP and liver biopsy Endocrinology – advanced endocrinology services with all hormone analysis and therapeutic services , diabetic care including care of complications like diabetic foot care, ... Read more

Surgical Department



Pediatric Surgery unit


all emergency and advanced elective pediatric surgical interventions including birth defect correction, neonatal surgeries and all others

Urology unit


endoscopic, minimally invasive and open basic and complicated urologic surgeries.

Cardio Thoracic Surgery unit


surgeries of all complicated lung and pericardial conditions including but not limited to peri-cardiectomy, PDA ligation , all chest and lung related surgeries, esophagectomy and gastro-esophageal pathologies surgeries

Colorectal surgery unit


surgeries of the colon and the perianal area with the most experienced hand for both cancers and benigh pathologies for all types of regular or complicated colorectal surgeries.

Orthopedic and Trauma unit


advanced orthopedic care from ex plant to complete hip replacement and complicated knee surgeries, multiple reconstructive trauma surgeries, arthoplasties and a lot more.

Hepato-biliary and Pancreatic surgery unit


All types of pathologies of the liver, pancreas and biliary tree including gall bladder with simple minimally invasive, percutaneous as well as complicated open surgeries.

Vascular surgery unit


peripheral and central vascular simple and complicated high end surgeries will be performed with meticulous care.

Endocrine surgery unit


Advanced surgeries of endocrine organs breast, thyroid and adrenals for both benign and malignant disorders with meticulous hand and excellent outcome.

Plastic Surgery unit


cosmetic as well as lifesaving simple and complicated plastic surgical interventions will be done.

Neurosurgery unit


surgeries of the spine, brain of simple and complicated pathologies with excellent outcomes

Gynecology & Obstetrics Department & Family Planning Department


Including child birth and other natural support and operations of aggressive tumors of the female reproductive organs with complicated surgeries will be availed


Pediatrics Department


the care of the delicate children will be rendered by the most delicate pediatrician with treatment of all types of pediatric ailments


Radiology Department


Advanced cancer care services in medical oncology, hematology and Anatomic pathologist


Intensive Care Unit (ICU)


the combination of advanced care given by a subspecialist pulmonologist and a subspecialist and cardiac care intensivist anesthesiologist will make our ICU a place of miracles with lives saved everyday

Department of Anatomic pathology


This is an essential part of the center with performance of regular histopathology services, hemato-pathology services as well as advanced staining, histio-chemistry and genetic testing


Dermatology & Venereal Diseases (VD) unit


all rounded dermatology services will be available with laser , cryo-therapy and hair transplantation

Psychiatry unit


medical care without psychiatrist support for the most worried and stressed patients will not be complete and there is a well experienced psychiatrist with ample experience to settle the challenges of life and disease in our patients


Central Sterilization Section Department (CSSD)


the vital service which keeps our instruments sterile and safe for our patients is well advanced and up to the standard

Advanced Diagnostic laboratory department


The diagnostic laboratory of Lancet will be able to do all regular tests available in the country in addition to several tests which are not routinely done in Ethiopia and are being referred outside like viral
Loads, PCR and Genetic tests and will also have JCI accredited international lab partners to augment all the world class laboratory services from abroad.


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