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Surgical Department


Advanced surgical services and advanced inpatient management in multiple Surgical Supper specialties:
Hepato-biliary and Pancreatic Services: by experienced sub specialist Hepatobiliary and pancreatic Surgeon
- Workup and Diagnosis of Gall bladder, liver and pancreas diseases
- Surgery of the Gall bladder both open and laparoscopic surgery
- Surgery of the biliary tree both reconstruction and bypasses
- Surgery of the pancreas for both benign and malignant diseases including Whipple, central
and distal pancreatectomy and surgery of chronic pancreatitis including Freys and
- Surgery of the pancreatic cyst as cysto-gastrostomy and Roux-en-Y cystojejunostomy
- Surgery of the liver for primary and secondary tumors including HCC,
Cholangiocarcinoma, Hemangioma, metastatic colorectal and GIST tumors including right,
Left Hepatectomies, extended right and left hepatectomies, segmental liver resections and
wedge resections
- Gastric cancer surgery for both benign and malignant diseases and surgery for Gastric
outlet obstruction including resection or bypass
- Percutaneous Image guided procedures including biopsies, abcess or fluid drainage,
biliary drainage and others
-. Laparoscopic procedures for diagnosis, treatment and other indicated interventions

Colorectal: Surgeries of the colon and the perianal area with the most experienced hands for both cancerous and benign pathologies. for all types of regular or complicated colorectal surgeries.
Endocrine Surgery: Advanced surgeries of endocrine organs like the breast, thyroid and adrenals for both benign and malignant disorders with meticulous hand and excellent outcome.
Vascular surgery: Peripheral and central, simple and complicated high end vascular surgeries are performed with meticulous care. LANCET is a place where Peripheral arterial diseases, aneurisms, etc are carefully managed.
Cardiothoracic: Surgeries of all complicated lung and pericardial conditions including but not limited to peri-cardiectomy, PDA ligation, all chest and lung related surgeries, esophagectomy and gastro-esophageal surgeries
Urology: Endoscopic, minimally invasive and open basic and advanced urologic surgeries.
Neurosurgery: Our neurosurgeons do advanced surgeries of the spines and brain for simple and complicated pathologies with excellent outcomes. Orthopedics: LANCET is blessed with highly skilled orthopedic surgeons. At LANCET we do wide range of orthopedic procedures including uncomplicated bone fractures, complicated poly trauma requiring fixation, knee and hip surgeries including hip and knee replacement surgeries. We pay more attention for pain management. Pediatric surgery: All emergency and advanced elective pediatric surgical interventions including birth defect correction, neonatal surgeries and all others are done by our expert pediatric surgeons.
Minimal invasive surgery: LANCET is equipped with advanced minimal invasive surgical facilities and trained surgeons.
Gynecology and Obstetrics: Emergency and elective surgeries of female reproductive organ is delivered by skilled professionals. We make birth a natural and enjoyable experience. Gynecologic cancers are well taken care of in our center.

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